Long time no progress?

What has happened since last time?

Well a lot, but not much that I can show right now. Mostly I’m getting things ready for beta testing. There are quite a few things left to be done before then. But I’m going to try my best to get the beta ready for the first of December!

Things that actually have happened:

  • New player model!
  • Animations for characters
  • Tackling now cause characters to go ragdoll, super funny things can happen now!
  • Menus are almost done
  • Localization is in place
  • Puck control is much much better
  • GamePad control is sooo much better
  • AI still sucks
  • Graphics are improved a lot
  • Performance is much better

Progress it a bit slow at the moment, lots of stuff going on at work etc, but I’m confident that a playable demo will be available for those signed up for Beta on the 1st of December