Pucks, videos, menus, localization

What has happened since last time?

Not super much in terms of gameplay. Mostly some work with controller support, gamepads and tons of optimizations. Added some nicer menus and now I also have support for localization in terms of text.

I’m going to add English & Swedish first, then I’ll look at other languages.

The puck control also got an overhaul, still far from perfect but some hopefully I can start doing some private playtesting soon with some friends so I can get some feedback on that.

I completely remade the menus from scratch and they are a lot nicer now. Might do a technical blog on a specific shader in the menus and how I did automated translations in the UI.

That’s it for now, not so much but I’d say it was a pretty good week considering I was sick for two days.


I also added the very first gameplay video!