Puck Off

What is going on with Puck Off?

TL;DR - Currently rebuilding the game, it is NOT canceled!

Puck Off development was paused during 2018 for personal reasons. I just got back to the game and felt like it really didn't live up to what I wanted the game to be.

In the beginning Puck Off started as a simple Table-Top hockey game. After that it evolved into something different. As development progressed I got more and more locked in to what the game had become and I didn't really like it.

So right now I'm rebuilding a few things from scratch, especially the player controls and physics. This will enable more flexibility to add and change things as I go along. Hopefully this new foundation will make the game a better experience overall.

I will update the site when I have something to show. In the meantime, check out my twitter for updates: erikskogl

Thanks for your patience!
Erik Skoglund